shakir sheikh

The elected public representatives are making lewd and disgusting mockery of democracy

There may be a repeat of the game of toppling power in Rajasthan

Healthy democracy in India should not cause any fatal disease like Corona…. Now the world will have to pray the same….

Also, one has to wish that the year like 2020 never comes.

At the beginning of the year, along with Corona’s call, there was a smell of change of power.

Now this abominable change of power, the mockery of voters’ mandate has also started in the state of Rajasthan.

The leaders of whose sons, the fathers and fathers, who were recognized and respected by the same party, in the greed of the post, they have not only come on the betrayal of today’s generation but are doing a great job of toppling the elected government.

Enormity In the sense that the voters sent the vote to the House using their franchise in full consciousness, they only need a permanent government which will serve the people for five whole years, develop the country and bring prosperity.

But alas, in this whole disgusting game, the voter has been hurt, crushed badly, the demon like Corona has destroyed the lives of all the special and common, no one has a heart to mind, the common man It is in panic and these hungry wolves of power, are ready to do anything for the first power of the country, today the economy of the country is stagnating, despite all these people’s representatives are not free to do dirty politics.

By an Indian